Revolution, oracle card deck

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 The REVOLUTION Daily Oracle for the Badass Feminine in Action - a powerful deck of 30 cards designed to empower the fierce Queens in all of us.

In a world dominated by patriarchy, this deck is specifically created to support women/feminine in shining even brighter and bringing balance to the world. Each card features stunning artwork, paired with empowering words to uplift and inspire you on your journey.

The large size of the cards (4" x 6") allows the artwork to truly stand out and capture your attention, making it a beautiful addition to your daily practice. And, if you have the Love Your True Colors, Venus Rising, or I am a Queen decks, you can combine them with the REVOLUTION deck for an even more powerful experience. 

Printed on high-quality, heavyweight card stock with rounded corners, these cards are built to last and will become a treasured tool in your spiritual practice.

They come packaged in a clear plastic container with a colorful ribbon, making them the perfect gift for yourself or the badass feminine in your life.

How to consult the cards:

Take moment and mindfully shuffle the card

2. While doing so think about a question, or situation,
that you would like guidance with.
Or you can simply ask:
what would support me at this moment?

3. Pick a card

4. Contemplate the word and image on the card.
Let your interpretation happen naturally.
It doesn't have to be literal. You can also place
the card where you can see it and allow it to
inform you over time.

I encourage you to find your own ways to use the cards.
Be creative!

You are the infinite source of inner wisdom.
The oracle cards are a tool to align yourself with that wisdom. Let it guide you.

Trust yourself and enjoy!

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