Outi Harma is originally from Lapland, Finland. Over thirty years ago her move to the warm, multicultural city of Los Angeles was the catalyst that catapulted her creative expression. Her images create exciting worlds that merge the visible and invisible.  Her years of exploration in movement, dance and performance art, brings a wide variety of characters, fluidity and emotion to her paintings. Colors are bold and vibrant.  Her main character appears to be an archetypal, mythological female who often illuminates soulful, spiritual power along with an earthly whimsicality. Her paintings can take you from the beautiful, playful childlike realm to the spiritual and physiological depths where your soul expands.  

This is how she describes her painting process:
 “There are two main ways that I start my paintings.
The most common method is improvisational.  I start by mixing and playing with colors. Images begin to appear spontaneously as I paint. I love being surprised by what will manifest on the canvas and letting it tell me a story, instead of having a preconceived idea of how to painting will look like.
Then there are times while I am in a meditative state, in movement or just sitting in stillness when an image will come to me and keep reappearing over time until I paint it.”