April, Faces of Imagination, Online Painting Workshop

April, Faces of Imagination, Online Painting Workshop

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The 4-week online workshop series starts on  Sunday, April. 7th

It is endlessly fascinating to me what multidimensional beings we are.
There are whole worlds that live inside of us. 
I love to express that richness through the faces I paint. They're filled with details of leaves, flowers, antlers, doors, birds and more.

In this series, we will first experiment with color and mark-making with acrylic paints. Then we'll sketch a face and create imaginary worlds inside and around them by using paint, collages, paint pens, and stencils.

Our class intention is to follow the truth of the moment of the painting process while experimenting with different techniques. 

No prior painting experience is necessary.

4 Sundays in April

April  7    11 am - 1.30 pm  Color, mark making, and textures.

Sep.  14  11 am - 1.30 pm   Sketching & painting of the faces.Sun.

Sep.  21  11 am - 1.30 pm  Continuing with paint & layers. 

Sep. 28  11 am - 1.30 pm   Composition & details: collage, paint & stencils 

Times are in PDT.

The class is limited to 14 participants.
Once you register by purchasing the class you'll get a downloadable PDF with a list of materials and the Zoom link.

For every online painting series, I intend to create a community and safe space where we can explore our creativity together. This is the reason why all the painters are asked to keep their Zoom cameras on during the class.

Classes are recorded.
If you happen to miss one I will send you a recording that is available for viewing for up to two weeks.

Cancelation Policy:

Any cancellations fourteen days before the start of the workshop will be refunded minus a $20 cancelation fee. Cancelations later than fourteen days will receive credit for future painting workshops of the same or lesser value.

 Looking forward to painting with you! 


1. Acrylic paint.

2. Thick (watercolor) art paper.

3. Brushes.

4. Gesso

5.  Paper Glue 

6.  Rags to wipe paint with.

7.  Scratching tools; old credit card, fork, stick from nature.

8.  Spray Bottle.

9.  Pencil and an eraser.

10. Black marker (sharpie is great), black ink pen.

11. Tray/Plate for paint mixing.

12. Scissors.

13. Collage materials.

14. Stencils (optional)

15. Paint pens (optional, great fun for details)

16. Gel Pens (optional, great fun for details)

17. Charcoal

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