I am a Queen, oracle card deck

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"I Am a Queen" oracle card deck for the Empowered Feminine.

This deck is an invitation to honor and celebrate the
Queen that lives in all the aspects of ourselves.

The Deck contains 30 cards with images of my latest artwork of the feminine.

Card size is larger than card decks usually. They are 4" x 6" which really makes the artwork to stand out.

This deck can be combined with my "Love Your True Colors" and Venus Rising" decks since the back of the cards have the same image.

They are printed on heavyweight glossy card stock with beautifully rounded corners.

Packaged in a clear plastic container with a colorful ribbon.

How to consult the cards:

1. Take a moment to center yourself and mindfully shuffle the cards

2. While doing so think about a question, situation, that you would like guidance with. Or you can simply ask:
which Queen would have a message for me?

3. Pick a card.

4. Contemplate the words and image of the Queen on the card.
Let your interpretation happen naturally.
It doesn't have to be literal. You can also place the
card you picked where you can see it and allow
it to inform you over time.

I encourage you to find your own ways to use the cards.
Be creative!

You are a Queen and an infinite source of inner wisdom.
The oracle cards are a tool to align yourself with
that wisdom. Let it guide you.

Trust yourself and enjoy!

Any Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact me.

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