Pre-Order Dreaming a Better World, Oracle Card Deck

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Introducing the Dreaming a Better World Oracle Cards - a powerful tool to inspire you to dream wildly and create new worlds.

This 30-card deck is now available for PRE-ORDER, with a small first print run ready to ship in the second week of April (if not sooner).

Created to invite you to dream without attachment to the outcome, these cards will inspire you to cultivate your imagination and unleash your superpower.

Each card in the Dreaming a Better World Oracle Deck showcases exquisite artwork by Outi, paired with empowering messages on the reverse side to inspire you to dream and envision your brightest future.

The large size of the cards (4" x 6") allows the artwork to truly stand out and capture your attention, making it a beautiful addition to your daily practice.

The back of the cover card includes short instructions on how to use the deck, making it accessible even to those new to oracle cards. Whether you're a seasoned reader or new to the practice, the Dreaming a Better World Oracle Cards will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and creativity.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to pre-order your deck and be one of the first to explore the magic of Dreaming a Better World. Let's dream and create new worlds one card at a time.

Here are a few words from Outi:

"I created this deck to invite you to dream wildly! We've all experienced disappointment when our dreams and desires go unfulfilled, but the key is not to let that stop you. Give yourself full permission to dream without attachment to the outcome. New worlds are born from new visions, and imagination is essential for this alchemy to happen. It's our superpower! Let's honor it by freeing and cultivating it, so it can blossom like never before. Then, together, we can dream and create new worlds one card at a time"

How to Work with the Deck:

Close your eyes for a moment and center yourself. Mindfully shuffle the deck and choose a card. Contemplate the image and the words, and start dreaming about the subject of the chosen card. Expand your visions by journaling. Place the card where you can see it throughout the day and let it steep in your daily consciousness.

After envisioning these new worlds, take inspired action toward them.

I also recommend using my REVOLUTION Oracle Deck to support your journey of bringing your dreams to reality.

Start anywhere – every small step counts.

But first, DREAM WILDLY!


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