The Lost Commandments, oracle card deck

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"THE LOST COMMANDMENTS: 32 Ways to Save Your Soul"

An Oracle card deck of daily inspiration cards.  Each of the 32 cards (4" x 6") features a supremely sacred and wildly wacky suggestion for Living Life Fully. They are easy-to-use, down-to-earth guides for insight and inspiration.

How To Use This Deck:

1) Choose a card, seen or unseen.
2) Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Let the image of the card rest in your thoughts. Contemplate it without demanding immediate answers.
3) Ask yourself what insight might be drawn from the card – how does it apply to current conflicts in your life, areas you wish to grow, traits you value or hope to strengthen?
4) Keep the image of the card and the meanings it has generated in your mind throughout the day. Let new insights come to you; incorporate the lesson of the card into your actions.


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